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Verbenone Repels Pine Beetles

We've been in the business of helping clients use the least toxic, most effective insect control for 40 years.

This site is offered as a layman's explanation of the mountain pine beetle problem facing the Western United States and what you can do to help save your trees. We have pondered, read, and studied a huge amount of research. We have watched our own beloved forest begin to rust, so we have a very personal interest in the preservation of our precious trees and the surrounding natural environment. We have been in contact with the National Forest Service headquarters in Colorado and The National Park Service. We thank them very much for their very helpful information.

Have we ever used or prescribed a "poison"? Yes. Sometimes there is just no effective way around it. But we can tell you the pros and cons BEFORE you decide how to attack the pine beetle problems on your property.

Do we know the difference among the chemicals, IGR's, and Pheromones on the market for use against Pine Beetles? Yes. Some are very hard on the environment. Some are very hard on people and mammalian populations. Some are natural and green. Some work. Some work better. And some work Best. We'll help you understand them.

Do we know the health and environmental consequences of the different chemical prophylactics and treatments being used to combat mountain pine beetle infestation today? Yes.

Do we know the research behind the recommendations? Yes.

Can we help you make hard choices with informed decision? Yes!

Would we recommend you use something against pine beetles we wouldn't use ourselves? No!

Can we provide you with the greenest and best products to protect your ornamental and high-value trees from mountain pine beetle attack? Yes! Yes! Yes!

Learn about the newest tool for fighting Mountain Pine Beetle blight: Verbenone. (The Forest Services of many mountain states have purchased and successfully used Verbenone Pouches as well as SPLAT verbenone paste)

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